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  1. Definition of Report Text


The term report text are also known as informational report. Report, in the Concise Oxford Dictionary 10th Edition, is defined as 1) an account is given of a matter after investigation or consideration. 2) a piece of information about an event or situation. If concluded, the language of the text is the text of the report serves to provide information about an event or situation, after the holding of the investigation and through the various considerations.


Definition text report is also almost similar to what is often mentioned in various books of English at secondary level, “Report is a text the which present information about something, as it is. It is as a result of systematic observation and analyzes.” [Report is a text that presents information on a case by what it is. This text is the result of systematic observation and analysis.]


Thus, the actual descriptive text of the report and have a fairly clear difference, although both appear to be a “twin brother” though.In essence, the report usually contains the text that the facts can be proved scientifically, OK ..


  1. Text Generic Structure Report.


As with descriptive text, text Report also only have two common structures [generic structure], namely:

s  General Clasification; general statements that describe the subject of a report, description, and classification.

s  Description: Tells what the phenomenon under discussion; in terms of parts, qualities, habits or behaviors; In this section usually gives the phenomena that occur; both its parts, its properties, habit, or behavior. The point is the translation of scientific classification are presented with.


There is also some information about the generic text structure report, which includes:

  1. General information

General information is the part that mentions the general information of literary themes.

  1. Bundles of Specific Information 

 Bundles of specific information, the elaboration of this general information.

  1. Purpose of Report Text


Each paper must have a purpose why the article was written. So is the report

text. Some experts say that the purpose of a text report are:

s  Its social purpose is presenting information about something. They describe an entire Generally class of things, whether natural or made: Mammals, the planets, rocks, plants, countries of region, culture, transportation, and so on.
If concluded, the purpose of the report text is to convey information on the results of observation and systematic analysis. The information described in the report text is usually general in nature, be it natural or synthetic like mammals, planets, rocks, plants, state, culture, transportation, and so forth.

  1. Grammar patterns in Report Text

Each paper must have features of its own language; if recount text and narrative text likely to have a feature to use simple past, and how to report the text? Okay here are the patterns of grammar commonly used in text reports, which include:


ü  Use of general nouns, eg hunting dogs, rather than particular nouns, eg our dog;

ü  Use of Relating verbs to describe features, eg Molecules are tiny particles;

ü  Some use of action verbs when describing behavior, eg Emus can not fly;

ü  Use of timeless present tense to indicate usualness, eg Tropical cyclones always begin over the sea; (often,usually, always)

ü  Use of technical terms, eg Isobars are lines drawn on a weather map;

ü  Use of paragraphs with topic sentences to organise bundles of information; repeated naming of the topic as the beginning focus of the clause.

s  Description:

General nouns, that is, an object (be it live or dead) of a general nature. Just compare: Hunting dogs> <My dog. Hunting dogs are common, while my dog ​​is special.
Relating verbs, the grammar is also called linking verbs. Like to be [is, am, are: present], seem, look, taste and so forth.
Timeless present tense is a simple marker in the present time such as “Often, usually, always” and others.
Technical terms, referring to terms that include the text of the report. For example, about the “music” then, the terms of the music should be there.


  1. The Function of report text

purpose for writing text report can be seen from the view of some experts whom :

a)      To inform (Hardy dan Klarwein, 1990)

b)      To provide information about natural and non-natural phenomena (Hammond, dkk., 1992)

c)      To document, organize and store factual information on a topic … classify and describe the phenomena of our world … about a whole class of things … [not about] one specific thing … about living things like plants and animals, and non-living things like phones, bikes, or oceans. (Derewianka, 1990)

d)     To describe the way things are, with reference to a range of natural, man-made and social phenomena in our environment (Gerot dan Wignell, 1994)to describe the way things are, with reference to a whole range of phenomena, natural, synthetic and social in our environment (Callaghan dan Rothery, 1988)


  1. Difference between report text and descriptive text



Descriptive Text

Report Text


A text which give explanation more specific  (khusus)

A text which give explanation more general ( umum)


Music Box


Music boxes are small instrument that play tunes by themselves. The music-making parts of a music box are a cylinder and a row of metal teeth of different lengths. A spring or a set of wheels turns the cylinder.



Music is sound put into pleasing or interesting patterns. People use music for a part of ceremonies, such as religious services, parades, and weddings. People also use music to show their feelings and ideas.


To give information, which describe or explain special (khusus) phenomena about environment, social, education, politic , culture and the other.

To give information which describe or explain general (umum) phenomena about environment, social, education, politic , culture and the other.

Text generic structure

  • Identification: consist of general information  and classification.
  • Description : the explanation  more detail about characteristic, feature , shape and the other.
  • it use simple present.
  • Identification:. consist of general information  and classification.
  • Description : : the explanation  more detail about characteristic, feature , shape and the other.

       it use simple present


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